Patches for Paws

A protective garment for dogs with sores and other wounds.

  • Lightweight Fleece Material
  • Comfortable
  • Won’t Cling to Legs of Animal
  • Allows Freedom of Movement
  • Machine Washable


Design Patent #D901,787

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Paula Barbour of Gastonia, NC has created a protective garment for dogs with sores and other wounds. The garment has been specially designed to offer protection, prevent licking, and promote healing.

The idea was born out of necessity. Paulas dog, Patches, had very bad pressure sores on the back of the lower joint of his front legs. Unfortunately, the vet didnt really have a solution. Her husband, after doing extensive online research, ordered legs wraps, elbow protectors, and universal joint bandages but none of these would stay in place long enough to work effectively. Her friend in nursing tried wrapping his legs but that didnt work well either. All the while, Patches was becoming less mobile and the sores were getting inflamed and infected. Paula then tried a piece of fleece garment she had in the closet as a last resort. She cut the fleece so it would easily go over the dogs head and cover his entire front legs, while leaving the leg area baggy enough to allow for free moment. She then rolled up the garment to provide extra padding to the area where the sores were located. This allowed medication to stay on long enough to work effectively since Patches was now unable to lick the infected area. Paula knew this would be beneficial for countless other dogs too. Now Patches for Paws is ready for market!

The invention is a lightweight fleece garment designed to slide over a dogs head and cover as much - or as little of the dogs front legs as necessary. The garment will be comfortable for the dog, never clingy. It will allow them freedom of movement as they heal and can be rolled up to provide extra padding wherever needed. It is also machine washable for convenience.

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