Parting/Designing Comb

A perfect part every time guaranteed!

  • Innovative New Rattail Styling Comb
  • Strong Tip and End
  • Beautiful Correct Parting
  • Styling Control
  • Can Be Used on Any Type of Hair Texture


Design Patent - D1,032,088

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Tequea Fisher of Kansas City, MO has designed an innovative new rattail styling comb for achieving the perfect part.

Not all combs provide easy access to design and styling. Whether you are doing your own hair or someone elses, it can be difficult to achieve the look you want with a standard comb option. In turn, Tequea was inspired to develop the Parting/Designing Comb!

Most notably, the first six teeth of the comb have been eliminated to ensure correct parting. The comb also features a strong tip and end for beautiful parting and styling control. The comb can be used on any type of hair and will be great for braiding, lock and twist styles. Once on the market, the Parting/Designing Comb will be in high demand in the salon and hair industry!

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