Pamper Me Stand

The Pamper Me Stand is a beauty rest for hair and nail salons.

  • Comfortable Support for the Head and Arms
  • Places Body into Proper Positioning
  • Relax and Sleep While You Get Your Hair Done
  • Rest While You Get Your Manicure
  • Adjustable to Suit All Users


Utility Patent # 10,383,444

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Terah M. Parkins of Houston, TX has created a beauty rest for hair and nail salons. The invention places the body into proper positioning so users can enjoy their pampering time.

Those who frequent salons know it can take hours! All the while, the procedures have customers holding their head perfectly straight and still. Likewise, at a nail salon, the customer must hold their hands away from their body for long periods of time. While uncomfortable for everyone, the elderly or disabled may not be able to endure it at all. In turn, Inventor Parkins has created the Pamper Me Stand! Now almost any hair care procedure or manicure can take place without putting stress on the customer.

This clever new invention is a comfortable stand for the head and arms. Users will be able to relax and sleep while getting their hair done. They can rest while getting their manicure. The stand is adjustable to suit all users.

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