Painter’s Helper

Keeps paint from getting on sprinkler heads and rendering them ineffective!

  • Saves Time and Cleanup
  • Provides For a Higher Quality Finished Job
  • Also Includes Special Application and Removal Tool
  • No Ladder Needed
  • Great for Professional Painters as Well as the DIY Market


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Rodney McIntyre of Phoenix, AZ has created a specialized cover to protect sprinkler heads from paint splatter while a room is being painted.

The idea was born while on a paint job with many sprinkler heads located 25 feet high. Rodney knew if he had to rent a scissor lift or scaffolding, he would lose a lot of money on the job. He realized there had to be a better way. That is when he set about making his own removable sticky cup and applicator cup to put over a sprinkler head while painting was in progress. Since that day, the Painters Helper has been further developed and is now ready for market!

To protect fire sprinkler heads from paint splatter, the invention utilizes a protective cover with an adhesive rim. Painters will simply take the sticky cup and put it in the applicator cup, which is attached to an adjustable painting pole. They will then remove the plastic from the sticky rim of the cup, lift the pole up to the sprinkler head, and press the cup around it. When painting is complete, the painting pole with applicator cup is lifted and placed over the sticky cup. The applicator cup is moved back-and-forth to loosen the sticky cup from the ceiling.

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