Paint Brush Dripper

An innovative new paint brush holder.

  • Keeps Paint from Dripping Everywhere
  • Prevents Mess
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Simple to Use
  • Saves Painters Money


Utility Patent #11,040,569

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Rebecca Ferlet of Corsicana, TX has created an innovative new paint brush holder.

The idea was born while helping her daughter repaint her house. Rebecca received a phone call and realized she had to put down her paint brush in order to take the call. She looked around trying to find a place to set down the wet paint brush without putting it inside a full can of paint. The lid was nowhere to be found. Rebecca then decided she needed something connected to the paint can, so any drips could fall right back into the can. Not only would it eliminate mess, but it would also prevent unnecessary paint waste, thus saving money! In turn, Rebecca was inspired to develop the Paint Brush Dripper!

The invention features a special hinged tray that is vertically supported within the interior of a paint can. When you need to step away from your panting project, simply place your brush on this holder until you are ready to resume painting. As your brush sits on the tray, it will drip paint back into the can.

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