Outerwear and Sleeping Bag Combination

This long coat conveniently transforms into a sleeping bag!

  • Lined with Flax Seeds
  • Holds Heat for 2 Hours or Longer
  • Completely Wireless
  • Ideal for Camping or Military and Survival Applications
  • Various Colors, Styles, and Sizes Possible


Design Patent # D849,367

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Antonio T. Bridges of Sharpsburg, GA has created a product that can be used as a long coat and a sleeping bag!

Even the best sleeping bags are not effective on extremely cold and windy nights. Getting in and out of sleeping bags is also difficult and bothersome. If a user gets up at night, he or she must unzip, and exit a warm sleeping bag, perhaps put on a cold coat, all just to make a bathroom visit, or go to the campfire. Inventor Bridges knew there had to be another way. In turn, he developed the Outerwear and Sleeping Bag Combination!

Users will simply remove the hood of the coat and install a pillow in its place. For added warmth, the unit is lined with flax seeds that are heated with an iron. Once the flax seeds are hot, the invention will hold heat for two hours or more. This will be ideal for camping and military or survival applications. Various colors, styles, and sizes are possible.

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