Outbound Mail Organizer

The Outbound Mail Organizer holds mail in an upright position during a mail carriers route.

  • Allows Mail Carriers to Work Quicker and More Accurately
  • Fits Perfectly in a DPS Tray
  • Keeps Letters in Order
  • Letters Will No Longer Slide or Shift Out of Order
  • Slot for Reading the Next Address


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jennie Christina Davis of St. Clairsville, OH has created an organizer designed to hold mail in an upright position during a mail carriers route.

Jennie knew that her sister, a letter carrier, was looking for a product that would keep her letters from sliding as she delivered them. At the time, she was just using parcels to keep the letters up, but they would shift around causing the letters to move out of order. When this happened, she would waste a lot of time getting them back into their correct position. This, in fact, is something many mail carriers struggle with on their route. Jennie knew there had to be another way. In turn, she designed the Outbound Mail Organizer!

This clever new invention allows mail carriers to work quickly, easily, and more accurately. The organizer fits perfectly in a DPS tray. It has the right amount of weight to keep letters in order. A slot in the front makes it easy to see the next address so mail carriers can simply glance down and be on their way.

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