Optical Ware Covering

An article of personal protective equipment especially for eyeglass wearers.

  • Malleable Wire Can Be Shaped to Comfortably Fit the Contour of the Face
  • Lightweight and Easy to Wear
  • Keeps Users from Having to Touch the Mask to Adjust It
  • Prevents Eyeglasses from Fogging Up
  • Can Be Used with Prescription Glasses, Sunglasses, Safety Glasses
  • Must-Have in the Healthcare Industry


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kathy Bull of Gilman, IL has created an article of personal protective equipment especially for eyeglass wearers.

During COVID-19, mandatory use of face masks or face coverings became the norm. Unfortunately for eyeglass wearers, wearing a mask or face covering can be awfully uncomfortable. The mask will feel so bulky over eyewear that it can make it hard to breathe. Speech can also become muffled or distorted. In some cases, eyewear will actually fog up. Plus, the poor fit necessitates constant readjusting. Kathy just knew there had to be a way to address these complaints. In turn, she was inspired to develop the Optical Ware Covering!

The covering features malleable wire and hook and loop fabric like Velcro. The malleable wire can be shaped to fit the contour of the face for added comfort. The hook and loop material permits each end of the face covering to be removably secured to a respective arm of a pair of eyewear. This will make the face covering easier to wear and will be a must-have for those wearing prescription glasses or sunglasses. It will also be super helpful to the millions of people wearing safety glasses each day, as these glasses are mandatory in many sectors of businesses during their everyday operations.

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