Open Back Mesh Trucker Hat

An innovative new hybrid between a ball cap and a visor cap.

  • - Open Back Allows for Size Adjustment and Hair
  • - Adjustable Double Button Snap Back
  • - Mesh Side Panels for Breathability
  • - Great Promotional Item
  • - Various Colors, Sizes, and Styles Possible


Design Patent #D919,242

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Wilson Macilwaine of Charlottesville, VA has created an alternate style design for the commonly worn "trucker" or "gimme" hat. This design will likely become the next mainstream fashion trend for casual headwear, like the trucker/gimme hat of the early 2000s!

Wilson always had a difficult time finding a hat that would fit his head comfortably and securely. He really liked the "trucker" style hat and noticed its popularity, not only as a "gimme" hat for businesses, but also as a gift shop item to promote the business. Just about every small business you walk into today has a "trucker" style hat with their logo on it for sale. It has almost replaced the t-shirt in that regard. Wilson thought the next new idea could be a trucker style hat, but with a better fit. The "trucker" hat is worn today more as a fashion item than a practical item, but this modified version could catch on as a trend and quickly become an alternative to the "trucker" hat for promotional use and/or larger outdoor clothing manufacturers.

This hybrid between a ball cap and a visor cap was created with numerous benefits over other hat options on the market today. For men, or anyone who finds most hats to be overly snug, the hat will allow more room for adjustment and comfort. For women, or anyone with long hair, the hat features a flexible open back to accommodate a ponytail or bun. Mesh sides offer a breathable fit. The oversize adjustable double button snap back is a feature that allows the band around the back of the head to look and feel more consistent and because of the double button, it provides a more secure snap. Countless colors, sizes, and styles are possible.

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