One Step at a Time

A new DIY way to install garden steps!

  • Large Stepping Surface
  • No Digging
  • No Professional Landscaper Required
  • Water Draining Designs
  • Stone, Brick, and Wood Options


Utility Patent #10,612,244

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Patricia Reichard of St. Louis, MO has created a new DIY way to install garden steps. With One Step at a Time, the process has never been quicker, easier, or more cost-effective!

With a hill in her backyard that was too steep to climb, steps were a must. Patricia tried taking matters into her own hands by digging out the earth and using stones to get up and down the hill. As the years passed, however, the stones fell. While doing dishes at the kitchen sink, she would stare out the window looking at the fallen stones in dismay. She knew she could call a landscaper, of course, but that tends to get very costly. She just knew there had to be a simple solution that did not require digging or a professional landscaper. In turn, she was inspired to develop One Step at a Time!

The invention utilizes a series of four threaded metal spikes that are attached to a metal plate. The plate is then driven into the ground with the longer spikes used for the lower elevation. A second plate is then secured to the first using nuts and hill grade adapters to create a flat and level surface. A top weatherproof cover with a metal core is then simply snapped over the top plate. The top cover will be available in natural styles such as stone, brick, or wood. Each cover will have built-in drainage channels and will be non-slip for a users safety. Should future landscaping renovations require it, the steps will be easy to remove and relocate.

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