One Day @ A Time Clock

A reminder that everything takes time and patience.

  • Inspirational/Motivational Clock Face
  • Things Will Get Better
  • Goals Will Be Reached
  • Great Décor Piece for Anywhere You Seek Inspiration


Design Patent - D960,018

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jadel Jernigan of Laurelton, NY has designed an inspirational and motivational clock face. The clock will remind you to focus on what needs to be done that day to reach your intended goal and not how long it will take to achieve it.

The idea was born from a slogan used in rehab facilities. Jadel applies it to everyday life. Everything takes time and patience. If you see One Day @ A Time while you are at home, in your office, at school, or in rehab, and you are stressed about what you need to do - or your back is against a wall - the clock will be there as a reminder. One Day @ A Time means things will get better. Whatever it is that you are working toward, it will eventually be done.

The One Day @ A Time Clock will make an excellent decor piece for anywhere you need inspiration. Ready to learn more?

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