A fishing lure mold set for creating an octopus-shaped lure.

  • Soft Plastic
  • Eight Tentacles
  • Generates More Movement in the Water
  • Attracts More Fish
  • Must-Have for Fishing Enthusiasts


Design Patent - D939,659

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Alan Vilter of Merrill, WI has designed a fishing lure mold set for creating a soft plastic octopus-shaped lure.

One day, Alan was asked by an angler to make modifications to two soft plastic molds he used to make his own lures. It was determined that an octopus would be the ideal shape for a lure, as its eight tentacles would attract fish. Alan then drafted a design, machined a mold, and injected plastic into the mold. His Octo-Lure prototype looked great and was ready to be tested. As predicted, the tentacles generated more movement in the water and attracted a great deal of fish!

The Octo-Lure has been further developed and now it is ready for market! To use, a fisherman will pierce a fishing hook through the center body of the lure from the top down. They will then simply cast their line and begin fishing.

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