NoTouch Door

A germ-free motion-activated door kit.

  • Eliminates Touching Handle or Knob
  • Preserves Washed Hands
  • Protects User Against Others Who Do Not Wash Hands
  • Automatically Closes After a Suitable Time Delay
  • Ideal for All Public Restrooms


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Rodney P. Miller of Richmond Hill, GA (Col,USA,Ret) has created a motion-activated door kit. The system eliminates having to touch a door or doorknob, while preserving the washing of hands.

Public restrooms are known to be home to a large population of germs and bacteria. Any benefit of handwashing is quickly negated by having to touch the door to exit. Normally, there is a sign that tells employees they must wash their hands after using the bathroom. However, as a customer, it is unclear if employees are following protocol. Plus, what about all the other customers that needed to use the bathroom throughout the day? When you pull/push, or just touch the door, you are potentially touching a contaminated surface that can make you sick. The same principal would apply when you open the bathroom door. After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Rodney just knew there had to be a better system in place. In turn, he developed the NoTouch Door!

This motion-activated door kit will find use in public restrooms, or even home bathrooms. Upon detecting the presence of a person on either side of the door, sensors will activate, causing the door to fully open. After a suitable time delay, and no further detection of people, the door will automatically close. This will eliminate having to touch a restroom door, thus reducing unsanitary conditions and associated illness from bacteria, germs, and dirt.

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