Not 2 Far Away

This alert system will notify you when youre separated from your cellular phone or even your child.

  • Wireless Microchip Attaches to Cellular Device or Person, Pocketbook, Wallet, etc.
  • Keychain Receiver with Power Button and Two Signal Distance Buttons
  • Beeps When Keychain is Separated from Microchip
  • Provides Peace of Mind
  • Eliminates the Life-threatening Mistake of Leaving a Child Alone in the Car


Design Patent #D883,124

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor James C. Martine of Richmond, VA has designed an alert system to notify you when you are separated from your cellular phone or even your child.

In todays busy world, you could miss an important business or emergency call, so leaving your phone behind is never an option. Whether it was left at home, in a restaurant, or on a counter at the store, it becomes a big inconvenience and could prove very costly. Why wait to locate it? What if it gets stolen? Are you going to call the police to retrieve it? Why go through all the aggravation and hassle?

Now a national safety crisis, infants are being left unattended in their car seats. In these hectic times, this is sadly happening at an alarming rate and often proves fatal. Having a child wander away on a playground or in a mall is another huge concern. Luckily now theres Not 2 Far Away!

Martines design features an attachable wireless microchip that is placed on a cellular device, or can be attached to a person, pocketbook, wallet, etc. It also features a keychain receiver with power button and two signal distance (50 or 100 ft.) buttons. When carried with you, it will beep when your keychain is separated from the microchip, so you are never Not 2 Far Away from true peace of mind!

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