Nose Buster

A nasal cleaning tool and fluid delivery device.

  • Cleans Both Nostrils
  • Safe and Easy
  • Painless
  • Rehydrates and Moisturizes
  • Simple to Manufacture


Utility Patent - 11,317,933

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Nathedra G. White of New Orleans, LA has created an innovative new nasal cleaning tool and fluid delivery device.

While there are many products available for cleaning the ears, a good device for cleaning the nose is much harder to find. Ignoring the nostrils can lead to congestion, nasal cavity lining damage, and even infection. In turn, Inventor White has developed the Nose Buster!

This clever new invention will gently scrape away mucus from ones nasal cavity, as well as deliver fluid to the nostril. A scouring portion will dislodge mucus in an easy and painless manner. Users can also squeeze from the bottom of the device and saline or a similar solution will travel up the tube to the tip to enhance the cleaning process while rehydrating and moisturizing the nostril!

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