Nose T

Stops nose bleeds in a matter of seconds!

  • Produces Pressure Against Blood Vessel Beneath Nose, Reducing Blood Flow
  • Must-Have for Those Who Suffer Frequent Nose Bleeds
  • Great for On-the-Go
  • Various Sizes Possible
  • Readily Available Materials


Utility Patent #9,855,054

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Anthony D. StCyr of Adairsville, GA has created a product to stop nose bleeds in a matter of seconds!

As a frequent nose bleed sufferer, Inventor StCyr would resort to placing rolled up napkins under his upper lip to stop the bleeding. Not only was this inconvenient, its also not a very sanitary solution, and so, he knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he created the Nose T!

This clever new invention gets inserted above a users top gum and behind the upper lip. This produces pressure against the blood vessel beneath the nose to reduce blood flow and allow the blood to clot. The Nose T, as its called by the inventor, is a smart alternative to using unsanitary and ineffective methods such as holding the head back, squeezing the nostrils together, tissue or the like.

This product will be a must for those who have random nose bleeds and will be especially beneficial for those who suffer from recurrent nose bleeds. The Nose T will also be great for hikers, athletes, and others who are always on-the-go! Various sizes are possible to fit all types of users including children.

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