Non Strips

The no strip screw!

  • Five-Point Drive Significantly Recessed Within the Shank for Enhanced Grip
  • Increased Neck Depth to Prevent Unwanted Movement and Eliminate Stripping
  • Durable and Strong Bit; No Breaking
  • Designed By a Seasoned Home Builder with Real-World Experience


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jonathon Alkire of Lindsborg, KS has developed an innovative no strip screw.

A seasoned professional in both construction and automotive industries, Jonathon recognized that although there are numerous tools for removing stripped screws, none prevented stripping in the first place! Having experienced countless frustrating moments with stripped screws, he was inspired to create a solution called Non Strips!

This no-strip screw is an otherwise traditionally configured screw, but with a five-point drive which is significantly recessed within the shank of the screw. The biggest flaw in thousands of screws is the depth in which you insert your bit is far too shallow. To remedy this, the neck of the invention has an increased depth to prevent any unwanted movement and to eliminate the possibility of stripping. A strong bit prevents breaking.

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