Non-Glass Replacement

A safe way to view the inside and stand in front of an oven without the risk of exploding hot glass.

  • Replaces Glass Panel in Oven Door
  • Prevents Future Damage
  • Extends the Lifespan of the Oven
  • Offers Clear View Inside
  • Fits Multiple Makes and Models of Ovens


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Wanda Hayes of Philadelphia, PA has created a replacement system for oven doors. This non-glass option provides an alternative to expensive replacements and eliminates the possibility of the oven door exploding.

The idea was born when the outer glass of their oven exploded while her daughter was in the kitchen. Wanda was told by the salesperson that it may be possible for the replacement glass to explode too. With no guarantee that it wouldnt shatter yet again, Wanda was inspired to design a safer alternative.

The Non-Glass Replacement prevents future damage, minimizes repair expenses, extends the lifespan of the oven, and can even replace original equipment manufacturers' oven doors. It provides a safe way to view the inside and stand in front of the oven without the risk of being seriously hurt by exploding hot glass.

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