No Sweat

No Sweat is an insulated beverage container made of a condensation-absorbing material.

  • Keeps Cups Dry
  • Makes It Easy to Hold Drink Without Worry of it Becoming Slippery
  • Protects Against Water Rings
  • Can Be Washed and Dried and Used Over and Over
  • Various Colors, Styles, and Sizes Available


Design Patent #D789,753

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Angie Guise of El Cajon, CA has created an insulated beverage container made of a condensation-absorbing material.

Who wants water rings left of their table, counter, or in the cup holders of their car? No one! Within minutes, cold beverages form condensation that never fails to get your hands wet. Napkins or paper towels can be wrapped around a drink but soon the condensation will soak right through. Seven years ago, Inventor Guise started looking online to see if anything existed that would cover the size of the cups she used (32-44 oz.). After coming up empty-handed, she asked a friend to knit her something shed be able to use. Unfortunately, yarn did not work because it wouldnt absorb condensation. Four or five years ago, she asked another friend to make her something out of quilted material. This proved to work better since it was soft and made gripping the cup easier, however, it wouldnt stay dry. Three years ago, Inventor Guise was at a fabric store and saw some cute socks. She decided to slip one on her cup to see what happened. This is when her idea for No Sweat was born. She hasnt taken the socks off her drinks since!

This clever new invention keeps cups dry. It also makes it easy to hold a drink without worry of it becoming slippery. The device protects against water rings. It can be washed and dried and used over and over. Various colors, styles, and sizes are available.

No Sweat has already received a lot of attention and now its being brought to market! To learn more or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities act now!


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