No Mess Doggy Doo

A new, simple way to capture and clean up pet droppings while out on a walk.

  • Padded Octagonal Harness is Held in Place over the Buttocks of an Animal
  • Harness Features Hooks That Connect to Specially Designed Bags
  • Droppings Fall Directly into the Bag, Instead of the Ground
  • Adjustable in Size
  • Safe for the Environment


Utility Patent - 11,856,922

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Naren from Texas has created a new and improved way to capture and clean up pet droppings while out on a walk!

As a pet owner, Naren is always mindful of the cleanliness of his neighborhood, as well as his own backyard. When it comes to pet waste, quick disposal is a must, yet many do not want to deal with it due to its messy nature and the difficulty of bagging the droppings from surfaces like the yard or sidewalk. Naren just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he was inspired to develop No Mess Doggy Doo!

The invention consists of a padded octagonal harness that is held in place over the buttocks of an animal via a series of adjustable straps. The harness features hooks that connect to specially designed bags. During use, the pet performs their bathroom duties, whereupon the droppings fall directly into the bag, instead of falling to the ground! The user then unhooks the bag from the harness and pulls a drawstring on the bag to seal it closed for safe and sanitary disposal at a later time. How easy! No mess and safe for the environment!

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