No Leak Plumbing

A new leak-resistant system for quickly and easily connecting under-sink piping.

  • Eliminates All Joints, Couplings, Unions, Nipples, and Other Pieces That Can Leak
  • Easy-To-Install
  • Many Different Versions for Use on All Types of Sinks
  • Flexible Piping Can Accommodate Misaligned Pipes by Several Inches
  • Greatly Reduces Need for Professional Plumber Visit


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Greg Kusber of Okeechobee, FL has created a leak-resistant system for quickly and easily connecting under-sink piping.

Typical under-sink piping has many joints, elbows, and traps - and all of them can leak. When this happens, you are either looking at a very wet and messy DIY endeavor, or a costly bill to the professionals. As a landlord for over 30 years, Greg would come across many leaks caused by something as innocent as a tenant bumping against the pipes with cleaning supplies. He just knew there had to be a better way to prevent sink leaks. No Leak Plumbing is his solution.

But how does it work? Instead of hard plastic piping with many vulnerable joints, the system uses flexible rubber piping that resists leaking for years. This piping comes in many different versions, lengths, diameters, and styles for use on all types of sinks. The easy-to-install piping securely connects to threaded fittings and other pipes using stainless-steel traps you can tighten with just a screwdriver. Plus, the flexible piping can accommodate misaligned pipes by several inches.

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