No Kink Oxygen Tube

Allows patients connected to oxygen equipment the ability to move about without worry of a kinked line.

  • Uses Hardened Monofilament Line Made of Nylon
  • Simply Inserts Inside of Standard Oxygen Line
  • Prevents Tubing from Kinking Around Doorways, Furniture and Other Obstacles
  • Reduces Aggravation and Prevents Tripping and Falls
  • Does Not Interfere with Oxygen Flow


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Matthew H. Quintana has created a no kink oxygen tube. Now patients connected to oxygen equipment will be able to move about freely without the aggravation of a kinked line.

Medical oxygen is seeing increased usage in the home environment. Oxygen hoses, however, are very flexible and become kinked as they pass around furniture, door frames, and other obstacles in the home. This kinking causes a loss of oxygen flow which then must be corrected on a near continuous basis. Plus, a kinked oxygen tube presents a major tripping hazard. The idea was born after seeing his wife trip and fall when her oxygen tube coiled around her chair. In turn, he was inspired to develop the No Kink Oxygen Tube!

Although it may look like a conventional oxygen line used in a home healthcare environment, the interior of the hose is provided with a hardened, monofilament nylon line. The line is simply inserted inside a standard oxygen tube. This keeps the tubing from getting tangled around items in the home. It will also prevent dangerous falls and injuries. It will not interfere with oxygen flow.

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