No Dig Scoop

Provides easy access to a scoop with less mess from digging into a jar with dirty hands!

  • Convenient
  • Sanitary
  • Easily Attaches to Bottom of Lid
  • For Use with Protein Powders, Baby Formulas, Lemonade, and More
  • Simple to Manufacture


Design Patent #D828,158

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Leslie D. Manis of Kingsport, TN has created an enhanced scoop for powdered products.

After a container is opened, it can be a struggle finding the scoop inside. Inventor Manis passion for gym lifting began in 2013. Every time she would open a container of protein powder, shed say, Where is the scoop? She knew there had to be an easier way. With encouragement from her son, this is when her idea for the No Dig Scoop was born! By clipping the scoop to the lid, users wont have to dig around in the product trying to find it, while potentially spreading germs.

The scoop has been designed to be used with protein powders, baby formulas, lemonade, and more. Not only is it convenient, its sanitary! It easily attaches to the bottom of the lid, whether its after opening a new container or for use thereafter. It is simple to manufacture.

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