The worlds first universal bottle lid!

  • Fits the Average 4-9 oz. Baby Bottle
  • Stays on the Bottle Until You Take It Off
  • Made of Baby Safe Silicone
  • Sanitary Solution
  • No More Spills


US Patent No. 10,182,972

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Yesica Trawick and Esther P. Gallego of Woodbridge, VA have created the worlds first universal bottle lid. This innovative new lid is what every bottle is missing and what every parent wants!

It is easy to find spare baby bottles in a store, but have you ever tried to find spare lids? Parents are left to improvise with lids that are faulty, unhygienic, or both. This means messy spills or exposure to dirt, germs, and airborne viruses. Nobody has time to clean up constant spills and these days, it has never been more important to keep things clean and sanitary. In turn, Yesica and Esther were inspired to develop NippyLid!

This is the perfect solution for those missing lids and eliminates the stress of having to fashion one out of whatever you have on hand. Each lid is made of baby safe silicone and is strong and durable, yet extremely flexible. This means no more milk going bad or leaks in your bag. Once affixed to any 4-9 oz. baby bottle, the lid will stay on the bottle until you take it off!

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