My Smart Cafe Vendor

Your perfect cup of coffee, even while traveling!

  • Easy Programing at the Station
  • Coffee Configuration is Remembered for Each User via Data Entered
  • User Taste Preferences and Selections Can Also Be Done Using a Mobile App
  • Ensures Cup of Coffee is Perfect Each Time
  • Same Coffee Taste and Flavor Worldwide
  • Especially Ideal for International Travel


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Nithyaraja Ramakrishnan of San Antonio, TX has developed a programmable vending machine for coffee with an identification feature so you can enjoy the same taste and flavor worldwide.

The idea was born while traveling to different parts of Europe and China for business. In spite of trying to explain his coffee request, Nithyaraja would often get the wrong coffee in terms of flavor, strength, milk concentration, and heat. Even the famous coffee chains all over the world tend to make their coffee differently. Also, it can be very difficult to explain a coffee order to a person who speaks a different language on a foreign trip. Nithyaraja just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he was inspired to create My Smart Cafe Vendor!

During initial or first-time use, your coffee specifications can be programed onto a machine or through an app and then saved via QR code or a fingerprint reader. The next time you use one of the machines, you will simply scan your code to load your preferred coffee configuration. This allows the machine to quickly reproduce your perfect cup of coffee anytime, everywhere. No longer will you need to give detailed explanation or learn different languages to get the coffee of your taste while you are out of the house or on international travel. User taste preferences and selections can also be done using a mobile app. Whatever configuration is desired can be programmed on cellphones right from your desk!

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