My Hunting Buddy

My Hunting Buddy is a remote-controlled winch designed to hoist game and minimize physical exertion.

  • Remote Control Winch
  • Minimizes Physical Exertion
  • Hoists Game Up to Skin, Clean, and Cut Up
  • Moves Your Kill and Assists with Loading it into Truck
  • Ideal for Older Hunters with Bad Knees or Health


Utility Patent # 9,241,496

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Lester Thickey of Tarentum, PA has created a remote-control game transport device!

Years ago, on the first Saturday of rifle deer season, Inventor Thickey was sitting in his tree stand looking at a deep valley. It was a very snowy day and after three or four hours of not seeing a deer, he went halfway down to the bottom of the valley. He sat there wondering how hed even get a deer up the steep hillside if he shot one. This is when his idea was born.

This clever new invention is a remote-control winch. It was created to minimize physical exertion. It will hoist game up to skin, clean, and cut up. It will move your kill and assist with loading it into your truck. While great for all hunters, its especially ideal for older hunters with bad knees or bad health.

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