My Foot Massager

A convenient massager where you choose the intensity of your foot massage!

  • Great for Relaxing and Winding Down
  • Massages Using Your Own Strength
  • Scissor-like Handle
  • Comfortable Rolling Balls
  • Perfect for Those on Their Feet All Day


Design Patent - D844,802, Utility Patent - 11,357,695

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jesus N. Reyes of Moorestown, NJ has created a copper therapy massager where you choose the intensity of your foot massage.

As a restaurant owner, Reyes would often be on his feet for more than 10 hours a day. With all that time standing and walking around, its really no surprise he would arrive home in desperate need of a foot massage. However, most people dont like to give massages to others; especially not foot massages. In turn, he developed My Foot Massager!

This clever new invention features a scissor-like handle with smooth comfort grip. This gives a user the ability to massage their feet and legs using their own strength. As a user controls the device, the inventions comfortable rolling spheres will help them relax and wind down no costly massage appointment needed.

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