Multi-Tool with Length Adjustable Handle

Rapidly switch between tool heads and handle lengths!

  • Handle Fits Various Heads
  • Combines Functions of Different Yard Tools
  • Saves Storage Space
  • Easy to Transport
  • Carrying Case


Utility Patent #10,913,144

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Michael A. Whicker and Larry Michael Nelson of Rock Springs, WY have created an extendable spring-loaded handle that accommodates interchangeable tool heads using a quick-connect slip fit connection.

While working over a wide ditch in pipeline construction, Whicker and Nelson thought it would be convenient if they could lengthen or shorten the handle of their shovels. They also thought it would be nice if the same handle could easily be switched from one shovel head to another. This would eliminate the need to have multiple tools at the worksite. In turn, they were inspired to develop the Multi-Tool with Length Adjustable Handle!

Now users will be able to rapidly switch between a variety of tool heads and handle lengths, depending on the job. This will be especially convenient for workers transporting tools from job site-to-job site or homeowners with limited storage space. A storage case will keep everything together and ready to go!

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