Multi-Function Open Ended Wrench

Getting into tight spaces with a wrench has never been quicker or easier!

  • Ratcheting and Swiveling Head
  • Allows a Nut to Be Tightened or Loosened with a Reciprocating Motion
  • No Need for the Wrench be Removed and Refitted After Each Turn
  • Head Goes Up and Down by 180° and Swivels Side-to-Side by 90°
  • Strong and Durable


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Evsevy F. Reutov of Homer, AK has created a combination swivel wrench that provides easy access to tight spaces.

One problem with a standard wrench is the inability to use it in a tight area where the wrench simply does not fit. Evsevy was always having to use a wrench in places like this and wished there were a ratcheting head incorporated so he could tighten the nut better. He then decided to develop exactly that!

The invention features a ratcheting and swiveling head. The ratcheting mechanism allows a nut to be tightened or loosened with a reciprocating motion, without requiring that the wrench be removed and refitted after each turn. The head goes up and down by 180 degrees and swivels side-to-side by 90 degrees. Now, getting into tight spaces has never been quicker or easier.

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