Moving Memorial

A special new way to remember a deceased loved one while keeping past memories alive.

  • - Provides a Secure and Respectful Resting Space
  • One Compartment for Ashes, One for Colored Liquid
  • Reciprocating Mechanism Moves or “Rocks” Urn Back and Forth
  • Produces Waves or Ripples in the Liquid
  • Liquid Can Contain Small Keepsakes Such as Jewelry, Wedding Rings, or Memorabilia
  • Numerous Styles Possible


Utility Patent #10,959,901

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors William C. Jansen, Jr. and Tamara Jansen of Farwell, MI have created a special new way to remember a loved one while keeping past memories alive.

While looking for urns, they could not find anything suitable. They wanted something unique with a design that was relevant to them. William then had a dream of a heart-shaped urn with separate compartments that he and his wife could be placed in. Upon waking, he wanted to expand on the idea. He thought about adding colorful liquid that could move around by use of a gear mechanism. With these ideas in mind, William and Tamara developed Moving Memorial! Instead of being a depressing sight, the urn will be a happy reminder of memories and times together with the deceased.

The invention is a see-through urn that holds the ashes of the departed in one compartment, while another compartment holds a colored liquid. The display can be made in a wide variety of shapes such as a heart, a musical note or instrument, an American flag for veterans the possibilities are endless. Its base is provided with a mechanism that moves or rocks the urn back and forth producing waves or ripples in the liquid. If desired, the liquid can contain small keepsakes such as wedding rings, which will move with the liquid as well. The urn or base will have ample space for various engravings such as the deceaseds name, date of birth and death, a quote, a verse, or a picture.

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