Motorcycle Safety Systems

A new light system designed to prevent collisions and improve the safety of your ride.

  • Safety Light Notification When an Approaching Vehicle is Detected Within a Predetermined Range
  • Flashing Alert When Cars are in Your Blind Spots
  • No Need to Do a Shoulder Check Until it is Safe
  • For Use on Motorcycles and Bikes of All Sizes
  • Can Be Added On or Built In


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Landen Flear of Canada has created a light system designed to prevent collisions and improve the safety of your ride.

The inspiration came from Landens experience riding his motorcycle and bicycle on public roads and highways. He just knew there had to be a better way to avoid collisions and provide a safer ride. After all, traveling on a motorcycle or bicycle carries a much higher risk of death or injury than driving the same distance in a car. In turn, Landen developed Motorcycle Safety Systems!

Whether on motorcycle or bike, the system will notify you by safety light of an approaching vehicle when a car is detected within a predetermined range. Also incorporated within the system is a flashing alert that is activated when cars are in your blind spots. Now, there will be no need to do a shoulder check until it is safe to do so -- keeping your sight on the road ahead. Not only will this system keep you safe on the road, it will reduce the cost of injuries, collision repair, and insurance rates. The safety system can be used on motorcycles and bikes of all sizes and can be added on or built in.

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