Motorcycle Integrated Safety System

A new alert system for motorcycles to warn riders of potential dangers on roadways.

  • Built-in Warning System with Sensors
  • Warns of Merging Vehicles, Pedestrians, Animals, Road Debris, and More
  • Alarm Gives Rider Valuable Extra Seconds to Take Appropriate Corrective Action
  • Increases Safety and Reduces Chance of Accidents
  • May Provide an Insurance Discount for Users


Utility Patent - 11,697,466

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Stephen Shelton of Evansville, IN has developed an alert system for motorcycles to warn riders of potential dangers on roadways.

Vehicle accidents are among the leading cause of injury and death in the United States today. Many of these accidents can be attributed to inadequate reaction time. Reaction time is especially important for motorcyclists. With so many lives lost due to motorcycle accidents, Stephen knew more had to be done. In turn, he was inspired to create the Motorcycle Integrated Safety System!

The invention utilizes a forward-looking camera in the headlight assembly of the motorcycle. This camera provides a video feed to motion sensing circuitry located in an enclosure on the motorcycle. This circuitry operates a program that analyzes the video feed to determine possible dangers on the road ahead. These dangers include accidents, stopped vehicles, pedestrians, animals, debris on the road, potholes, and more. When detected, an alarm goes off to give the rider valuable extra seconds to take appropriate corrective action. The invention would be provided as standard or optional equipment on new motorcycles, or as an add-on kit for existing motorcycles.

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