Motion Detection Deflector

A switch cover for an existing automatic toilet purifier.

  • Plastic Rotating Shield with Rubber or Silicone Suction Cups
  • Reduces False Triggers of the Motion Sensor
  • Prevents Wear on the Unit
  • Saves Battery Life
  • Can Be Used on Any Motion Detection Device


Utility Patent # 10,385,561

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Virginia Hall of Chicago, IL and John Shields of Calumet City, IL have created a switch cover for automatic toilet purifiers. The cover will prevent false triggers of the motion detector in an effort to save the life of the battery.

Automatic toilet purifiers utilize an electronic motion sensor to activate. Unfortunately, its detection range causes activation whenever someone simply walks into the bathroom to use the sink, shower, apply makeup, style their hair, or if they are in the bathroom to clean. This leads to unnecessary wear and tear and excessive filter replacement. Plus, in a few short weeks, the battery will need replaced! Inventors Hall and Shields just knew there had to be a solution to this everyday problem. In turn, they developed the Motion Detection Deflector!

Users will simply attach the switch cover to the top of the purifier using the provided suction cup. The cover will swivel to either side, allowing the sensor to register motion when using the toilet. While otherwise in the bathroom, users will simply move the cover back over the sensor to prevent motion detection. This attachment can also be used on any motion detection device that does not require constant surveillance.

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