Mother’s Helper Animal Feeding Device

Holds multiple feeding bottles for simultaneous feeding of young animals.

  • Feeds Up to Nine Animals
  • Holds Bottles at Proper Angle
  • Can Be Used for Any Pet or Animal That Feeds from a Nipple
  • Nipple Spacing Allows Animals Plenty of Room Without Crowding
  • Provides For Rapid Feeding, Rather Than Feeding Individually


Design Patent - D1,000,006

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jerry Cumberland of Uniontown, PA has designed a device that feeds up to nine animals at once while simulating real-world nursing.

When young animals are orphaned, or during intentional separations, these pets must be fed by hand using a bottle. Large litters of five or more animals can mean hours of feeding time - including preparation, clean up, and the individual feeding of each pet. After his dog had nine puppies and stopped feeding them, Jerry developed a product that would feed them and it saved their lives.

The Mothers Helper Animal Feeding Device conveniently holds feeding bottles used for puppies, kittens, or farm animals. The bottles are held so the nipples extend outward in a linear arrangement on one side of the device. Now, up to nine animals can be fed simultaneously. The nipples are spaced so each animal has plenty of room to feed without being crowded. No longer will you have to go through the time-consuming process of feeding them individually. The device allows animals to be fed in much the same way as when nursing from their mother. After use, the bottles are easily removed and cleaned for the next feeding.

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