Now products dispensed in hand pump containers can be easily accessed!

  • Get Every Bit of What You Paid For
  • Separates Bottle into Two Parts
  • Prevents Waste
  • Saves Money
  • Can Be Used for So Many Different Products


Patent #D833,885 and Utility Patent # 10,399,101

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Karen and Steven Montileone of St. Louis, MO have created a container with a detachable bottom for retrieving any remaining product from a bottle.

To get all her lotion out of the bottle, Karen found herself having to store it upside down. She would try using the stem of the pump dispenser to scrape the inside of the bottle. When that didnt work, she would completely remove the pump along with the stem and bang the bottle on her hand or leg. As a last resort, she would saw the bottle in half in effort to get the product out. She felt cheated having to work for what shed already purchased. Many other people have experienced this same frustration too. In turn, Karen and her husband, Steven, were inspired to create the Montibottle.

The bottle separates into two parts for full retrieval of all the contents. By removing the pump, a scraping blade that is a part of the suction tube lets you retrieve all the product that is stuck to the inside upper half of the bottle. A lid will secure over the open surface of the bottom to protect any remaining product. People always want to get their moneys worth and now you can get every bit of what you paid for!

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