Moe’s Golf Cart Clip

Enjoy your round of golf in cool comfort!

  • Easy to Attach and Remove
  • Looks like Part of the Cart
  • Won’t Fall Off or Damage the Cart
  • Works with a Jobsite Fan, a Battery, and a Charger
  • Simple to Manufacture


Utility Patent - 11,884,244

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Moritz E. Holmes of Atlanta, GA has created a clip for coupling a fan to a golf cart so you can enjoy a round of golf in cool comfort!

As an avid golfer in Georgia, Moritz was often playing in hot and humid conditions. He would joke with one of his buddies about needing a fan around to keep them cool on the course. He actually managed to find one that hooked onto the windshield of a golf cart and used a USB connection. However, it did not last more than one round of golf. Plus, he realized some carts do not have USB ports. In turn, he was inspired to develop Moes Golf Cart Clip!

To use, simply purchase a jobsite fan with a 1/4" tripod connection, a battery, and a charger. You can then place the golf cart clip on either side of the cart. You will then line the fan up with the hole in the bottom of the fan, screw in the provided screw, and enjoy the cool breeze. The clip is easy to attach and looks like part of the cart. It will not fall off, nor will it damage the cart. After your round of golf, the clip is easy to take off until the fan is needed again.

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