Mod Pump

A new mechanical pump with an innovative modular design.

  • Center-Mounted Crankshaft Has Two Connecting Rods on One Journal
  • Drives Two Reciprocating-Style Pumps Horizontally 180 Degrees Apart, With Independent Fluid Ends
  • Reduces Size and Space Required
  • Decreases Replacement Cost
  • Available in Multiple Sizes


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Texas made, the invention is a new mechanical pump with an innovative modular design.

With so many options, it can take forever to find a replacement if your pump fails, or if you need more horsepower for your job. Customers were asking for a smaller, lighter, more compact design with higher flow pumps. However, no pumps were able to meet all these needs. In turn, the Mod Pump was created!

Like other pumps, it is available in multiple sizes. The major difference is a center-mounted crankshaft that has two connecting rods on one journal. This drives two reciprocating-style pumps horizontally 180 degrees apart, with independent fluid ends. This reduces overall width and vibration. Even better, if one fluid end fails, simply replace one - instead of multiple ends like required with other pumps. With independent fluid ends, replacement cost is less. If you need extra GPM, using splined crankshafts with a male spline on one end and a female on the other end allows you to stack the units side-by-side, while still using one drive motor for multiple mods and higher flow. This makes it easy to customize your pump for your job like never before.

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  1. Gene Goodell

    Interesting concept. Could perhaps find applications in oil field fracturing or mud pumping. Could pump two separate liquids too

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