Mobile Appliance Platform

A mobile platform for a washer and dryer.

  • Non-Scuffing Silicon Wheels
  • Adjustable Rubber Padded Leveling Feet
  • Easily Moves In and Out of Tight Spaces
  • Won’t Damage Flooring
  • Stable Enough to Handle a Load Imbalance During the Spin Dry Cycle
  • Includes Customized Tool to Adjust Rear Feet


Utility Patent #10,427,701

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Duane S. Brede of Honolulu, HI has created a mobile platform for a washer and dryer that offers easy access for maintenance and provides a stable platform when the appliances are in operation.

Duane lives in a town house condominium where space is at a premium. The closet for his washer and dryer is located partially under the stairs and his water softener and water heater is installed under the stairs, adjacent to the washer. In order to access the water softener for maintenance and to load salt pellets, Duane must temporarily move the washer out of the way. During home renovations, the appliances needed to be relocated for plumbing, electrical, dry wall, and floor installation. Duane tried mounting the washer and dryer on a store bought dolly, but when the washer went into its spin dry cycle, it would shake too much, not spin up to speed, and eventually abort the wash cycle. He just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he developed the Mobile Appliance Platform!

This is a mobile platform for a washer and dryer that offers several benefits. The platform is low profile with non-scuffing silicon wheels and adjustable rubber padded leveling feet. This makes it easy to move in and out of tight spaces, while protecting your flooring. The leveling feet provide stability to handle a weight imbalance during the spin dry cycle. Also included is a customized tool designed to facilitate adjustment from the platforms rear leveling feet. The front leveling feet are adjusted with standard open-end wrenches.

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