Miracle Glove

Heal faster and with less pain.

  • Made of a Stretchy Material That Slips on Like an Athletic Glove
  • Firm Hold Keeps the Wrist in Place
  • Removable Weighted Bags
  • Can Be Worn While Going About a User’s Regular Tasks
  • Provides Stretch and Slight Joint Separation


Utility Patent - 11,304,463

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Lucia Colangelo, Diana Colangelo, and Donato Colangelo of Canada have created a pain-relieving weighted glove.

When Lucia broke her left wrist, the radius was crushed, and the bone was now shorter due to the break. Because of the shortening of the bone, her wrist no longer lined up correctly. The back of her wrist was pinching, giving her pain with movement. Plus, an x-ray showed a bump on top of her hand. After six weeks with the cast, she started physiotherapy, which was painful. In addition to the pain, she would feel a burning sensation. One night, she got out of bed and attached a plastic bag to her wrist with a couple pounds of beans to stretch her hand. A half hour later, her pain was gone! In turn, alongside Diana and Donato, the team were inspired to create a weighted glove based on some of the therapy techniques Lucias physiotherapist was using. The Miracle Glove is their solution.

But how does it work? The invention is made of a stretchy material that slips on like an athletic glove. Its firm hold helps keep the wrist in place. A weighted bag is attached to the back of the hand, and a second bag may be added to the palm as needed. A person wearing the glove can complete their usual tasks while benefiting from the stretch and slight joint separation the glove provides. They can also perform specific exercises designed by a physiotherapist or other specialist to rehabilitate and strengthen the affected body parts without needing a separate weight.

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