Minute Jack

The must-have product for tire and oil changing!

  • Raises Vehicles Without Physical Exertion
  • Control Panel Activates or Deactivates the Jacks
  • Flashing Lights Notify Oncoming Traffic
  • Greatly Improves Safety
  • Quick and Easy


Utility Patent #10,960,856

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kelly Andrae Weddle of Orlando, FL has created a device for lifting an automobile using hydraulic power for easy access to all four tires.

When stuck with a flat tire, Weddle had the choice of either waiting two hours for a tow truck or changing the tire himself. Not wanting to lose valuable time, he decided to work on it himself, but the hand cranking jack exerted him to the fullest. To make matters worse, his knuckles kept hitting against the pavement while jacking up his vehicle. He knew there had to be a better way! In turn, he created the Minute Jack!

Changing a tire or lifting a vehicle for an oil change has never been easier! Now anyone can change a flat or perform an oil change in minutes. This clever new invention was created to raise vehicles without physical exertion. A control panel will activate or deactivate the jacks. In addition, flashing lights will notify oncoming traffic to greatly improve safety when youre roadside.

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Additional Information

  • Statistics show that several hundred people die each year while changing a flat tire due to not setting up jacks correctly or being hit by traffic.
  • In the US alone, we have over 220 million flats per year. That is 7 blowouts every single second.
To Contact Mr. Kelly Weddle: (c) 407-697-0402 (email) Minutejack@yahoo.com


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