Microwave Magic

Patented cookware for cooking a variety of food and meals in the microwave!

  • Steams, Ventilates, and Browns While Retaining Moisture
  • Makes Complete Meals in Minutes
  • Fills a Void for Microwave Users
  • Only Product That Successfully Makes Hamburgers in a Microwave
  • Made in the USA



Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kim Harvey has developed a line of innovative cookware for preparing delicious foods and meals in your microwave!

The idea was born after discovering a huge void in microwave cooking. Everyone just used their microwave for heating and reheating. Kim wanted to cook! Hamburgers were the biggest void. And so, she began experimenting with product layout, performance, browning capabilities, moisture control, and more. This is how the Burger Blaster came to be. Now it is possible to make four equally sized browned hamburgers right in your microwave! Kim then surrounded the anchor Burger Blaster with a line of other products: the Bacon Blaster, Hot Potato, Hot Dogger, Bun Warmer, and the Splatz! cover dome. These units create complete and healthy meals in just minutes!

With Microwave Magic, you can enjoy hamburgers, bacon cheeseburgers, breakfast sandwiches, brats, sauteed chicken, and veggies all from your microwave. This cookware will be ideal for busy families, working moms, singles, college students, RV owners, and more!

Microwave Magic has been developed and produced in the USA. Now it is ready for market! Want to learn more? Be the first to contact us NOW for retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities!


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