Merryman’s Auto Shade

Remote control operated vehicle shade!

  • Activates in Seconds with a Push of a Button
  • Keeps Vehicles Up to 30 Degrees Cooler
  • Gaps Allow Wind and Air to Pass Through
  • Protects Your Paint from Sun Damage, Fading, Bird Droppings, Etc.
  • Folds Back Up into Its Own Self-Contained Unit


Utility Patent #10,239,400

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Donald Merryman of La Quinta, CA has created a remote-controlled vehicle shade that provides shade and element coverage with a push of a button!

Finding shade to park underneath is often easier said than done. Conventional sun shades that sit inside the dash can be inefficient and can actually trap heat, creating an oven effect. When this happens, the temperature inside your vehicle is now even hotter than the outside temperature! Inventor Merryman knew there had to be a smarter option. In turn, he created Merrymans Auto Shade!

This clever new invention is activated by a keychain remote control and will expand to cover your vehicle in seconds. Vehicles stay up to 30 degrees cooler. The shade will also protect against fading, sun damage, bird droppings, and more. After use, it will fold back up into its own self-contained unit. When closed, the device could double as a luggage rack or stylish add on customization.

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