Meno-Chill Pillow

Menopause can be a rough part of life for some women, but those horrible night sweats dont have to be!

  • Contoured Memory Foam Pillow
  • Provided With Small Electric Fan
  • Controlled By Small Button Attached to the Pillow or A Bluetooth® Wristband
  • Offers Immense Cooling Relief
  • Charged By USB During the Day As Needed


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ali Hayton of Mount Vernon, WA has created a contoured memory foam pillow with self-cooling features.

After going through medically induced menopause, Ali began having night sweats. She had always been a good sleeper, but when the night sweats started, she was tired and irritable due to interrupted sleep. One day while sitting in her car, she turned the seat cooler on, and a thought occurred to her. She wished she had that in her bed! In turn, Ali was inspired to develop a product that would not only support her head and neck, but also blow cool air down her body during a night sweat, which came and went quickly. The Meno-Chill Pillow is her solution.

But how does it work? The bottom edge of the pillow houses a long fan that blows cold air through the mesh-covered edge of the pillow. Using either a small button attached to the bottom corner of the pillow or a Bluetooth wristband worn by the user, a simple on/off switch controls the fan during a night sweat, offering immense relief. The pillow is charged by USB during the day as needed and is unplugged at night for safety.

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