Mechanic Cam

Never let the mechanic rip you off again!

  • Three Strategically Placed High-Quality Cameras
  • Captures Every Angle of your Car
  • Records All Work Being Done
  • Also Records Audio
  • Easy to Play Back After Mechanic is Done


Design Patent - D949,945

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Dan and Laraine Crutchley of Big Bear City, CA have created a camera that records all work being done on your vehicle.

While at oil change places or mechanic shops, Dan would watch the work being done and notice several troublesome things. Most shops would either try to sell him something he didnt need, or they were not providing the service he paid for. He just knew there had to be a way to watch the work being done without having to stand right there actively observing. In turn, Dan and Laraine Crutchley designed the Mechanic Cam!

Simply turn the device on via your smartphone as you leave your car with a mechanic. This will activate three strategically placed high-quality cameras within your vehicle. These cameras have been designed to capture every angle of your car and will record all work being done. Audio will be recorded as well. Once the work has been completed, you will be able to play back the video to ensure all work was done, as quoted on your bill. If not, youll now have the leverage to make them perform the task or take action against them.

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