MAXX-21 Solutions

An innovative new method for cleaning and/or sealing manufactured wood surfaces!

  • Fills in Surface Scratches
  • Adds a Barrier Against Water Damage
  • Provides a Renewable Surface from Everyday Use
  • Must-Have For Furniture Typically Found in The Home or an RV
  • Can Also Be Used on Plastic or Other Valuables


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kimberly Wilder of Lake City, FL has created a quick and easy method for cleaning and/or sealing different surfaces.

Kimberly was driven by a simple principle: keeping her possessions as pristine as possible. This desire emerged from an experience with her truck, purchased in 1998 in Jacksonville, Florida. Over the years, this vehicle, valued at just over $18,000, endured the wear and tear of family life three kids, their friends, big dogs, and over 283,000 miles. The rubber flooring was a particular challenge. Kimberly tried to maintain its original appearance, but found most cleaning products left it extremely slippery. Her children slid around, and even keeping her foot on the clutch became a struggle. Safety was at risk. She just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, she was inspired to develop MAXX-21 Solutions!

The results were astounding! Kimberly was so excited! She jumped for joy and thought if she could get these results from an old truck, what else could it do? So, she used it on her scratched laptop, tool cases, cooler, fan, pet crate liner, plastic flowerpots, cabinetry, wooden furniture, and more!

MAXX-21 Solutions filled in surface scratches, added a barrier against water damage, and provided a renewable surface from everyday use. And now, this discovery is ready to be shared with consumers everywhere!

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