An electrical breakout box for use in testing engines and ECM modules prior to reassembly.

  • Specially Designed Testing System Made Up of a Utility Control Panel with Multiple Pinout Options and a Variety of Adapters
  • Allows for Quick and Easy Machine Component ECM Testing or Programming
  • Helps Repairs Get Done More Efficiently
  • Compatible with Electronic Engines and ECMs from Multiple Manufacturers
  • Saves on Unnecessary Costly ECM Replacement During Troubleshooting Procedures


Utility Patent - 11,460,374

Story Behind the Invention

For over a decade, while Inventor David M. Cope of Pryor, OK was working for a Cat dealer, he was testing ECMs and electronic engines on heavy diesel equipment. When he would need to connect to an ECM that was not installed on a machine, he had to spend up to 4 or 5 hours figuring out the pinouts for the ECM for the proper connections to be made. He then had to rig up a harness to connect his laptop to the comm adapter and supply power to the adapter as well as the ECM. There were multiple times over the past ten years where he needed to connect his laptop to an engine that was not installed in a machine to test run before installation. Again, it could take as long as 8 hours setting up the wires to connect in a throttle position sensor, an injection disable switch, and the data links between the comm adapter and engine ECM. Over the years, David tried to find a universal tool that would allow him to connect to any ECM and test it, but through all his research, he found that every ECM is pinned out differently. Even in Cat equipment, there may be a couple engine families that use the same pinout configuration and a few ECMs that are used for multiple system controllers, but there isnt a universal plug and play style harness to fit everything. In turn, he was inspired to develop the MasterKey!

The invention is a specially designed testing system made up of a utility control panel with multiple pinout options and a variety of adapters. The adapters plug into the control panel and allow for quick and easy engine testing or programming. The system is compatible with engines from multiple manufacturers, helping you get your repairs done more efficiently while saving you time and money.

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