Mask Mic

Clearer voice communication with a mask in place!

  • Protects Wearer Against Dust, Dirt, Germs, Bacteria, and Viruses
  • Features An Internal Microphone on The Inside of The Mask
  • Equipped With a Rechargeable Battery and Bluetooth® Transmitter That Pairs with Any Smart Phone
  • Helps Reduce Infection Rates
  • Washable and Reusable Design


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Phillip Salsedo of Modesto, CA has created a new protective face mask with an attachable microphone for clearer voice communication.

The idea was born while watching a football game. Phillip noticed the coach and the referees continuously removing their mask in order to speak into their microphone. He wondered why they did not put a microphone inside the mask to keep them from taking their mask off in the midst of the pandemic. In turn, Phillip was inspired to develop the Mask Mic! Now, everyone who wears a headset from football coaches, to gamers, and drive-through staff will be able to stay better protected while still being heard.

The invention features a hook and look fastener like Velcro that allows for the easy attachment of a wireless microphone. The microphone is equipped with a rechargeable battery and a Bluetooth transmitter that pairs with any smart phone. With the mic in place, no longer will speech be muffled when it comes to talking into a microphone or speaking on the phone.

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