Mask Keeper String Bling

Never lose your mask again!

  • Attaches to Any Mask Via Hooks at Each End of the String
  • Can Be Worn as A Necklace Until the Mask is Needed
  • Keeps Mask from Becoming Lost or Discarded
  • Snap on Your Favorite Decorative Buttons or Crystals
  • Mask Can Easily Be Removed from the String for Washing


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kerreva Stek of Canada has designed a stylish new device to keep a protective mask from becoming lost.

When not in use, protective face masks can easily become lost, damaged, or confused with someone elses mask. The invention was born on a windy day. Kerreva began noticing all the dirty masks blowing around in parking lots and school yards. She knew there had to be a better and stylish! - way of keeping your mask handy. In turn, she was inspired to create the Mask Keeper String Bling!

Simply attach the Mask Keeper String Bling to any mask via the hooks at each end of the string. Snap on your favorite decorative buttons, or even Swarovski crystals, to each side of the Mask Keeper for added style and pizazz. The invention is then able to be placed around your neck and worn as a necklace until the mask is needed. This keeps it with you or your child and prevents it from being lost or discarded. After use, a mask can easily be removed from the string for washing.

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