Marking Device Holder

Perfectly straight lines no straight edge needed!

  • - Conical Holder Positions a Writing Utensil at a 60° Angle to the Writing Surface
  • - Spring-Loaded
  • - Easy to Use
  • - Works with Pen, Pencil, or Stylus


Utility Patent - 11,298,969

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Howard E. Frederick, III of Crestline, CA has created a conical holder that positions a writing utensil at the approximate angle of sixty degrees (60) to the writing surface.

As a draftsman, Howard spends a lot of time out in the field drawing floor plans for existing houses to produce new digital floor plans. He also draws floor plans for additions, remodels, and new construction. If you are in an office setting, a ruler or straight edge are ideal tools for producing a straight line. However, when out in the field with a clipboard in hand, it can be very difficult to draw straight lines in order to accurately depict the layout of a house. A ruler or straight edge can be unavailable, and you may be forced to draw straight lines in a shaky freehand manner. Howard just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Marking Device Holder!

Simply install a pencil, pen, or stylus into the device and apply pressure with the spring-loaded holder to the marking surface and move in a desired direction to mark a straight line. How easy!

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