Man-I-Can Shampoo Tool

Gain the confidence and skill to feel more comfortable working on hair from the start!

  • Provides More Effective Training
  • Allows Cosmetologists to Perfect Hair Shampooing Skills
  • Universal Attachment Holds Mannequin Head in A Realistic Position
  • Eliminates Need for Human Volunteers
  • Perfect for Both Salon and Classroom Use


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor and licensed cosmetologist, Stacey Adams, of McKeesport, PA has created a new training aid for shampooing a mannequin head. With practice, students will gain the confidence and skill to feel more comfortable working on their client\'s hair from the start! \n\nWhen Stacey was a cosmetology student, like many, she would get frustrated trying to shampoo the mannequin heads. They would roll around in the sink and make it extremely difficult to get all the product out. When it came time to be out on the floor working on clients, she did not feel confident yet. After all, teachers and clients express that shampooing is the best part of a hair appointment. In turn, she was inspired to create a tool for students to effectively learn how to shampoo and work on their technique.\n\nThe invention is a clamp that holds a mannequin head in a realistic position. The universal attachment provides a lifelike simulation, perfect for both salon and classroom use. It allows a student to lay the mannequin head in the sink and securely attach it to the school provided c-clamp or tripod. This will help students rinse out and clean the hair sufficiently so they can perfect what clients love the most, SHAMPOOING! \n\nWant to learn more about the Man-I-Can Shampoo Tool? Be the first to contact us NOW for additional information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities!


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